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Download E-books The Academy for Souls PDF

What are we right here for?
Who manage the Earth and the Sun?
How did we get to be what we are?
what's lifestyles for or about?

This e-book bargains a rational philosophy and a brand new perception of lifestyles and the everlasting verities at a time while the nature of the universe is each man's wager, and the outdated moorings are adrift.

the writer units out to end up in mechanistic phrases the truth of the Soul and the inevitability of God. He doesn't write within the symbols of religion or the complex formulation of science.

A publication for everybody who's wondered via new cults, creeds, ideals and unbeliefs. A harbor within the uncharted seas of present thought.

"Find, first of all, who does what a guy does, and what for? Is he simply his physique, or does an invisible entity animate and make the most of its components? If he be not more than his physique, then existence is an interplay among an organism and an atmosphere, and it starts and ends right here and now. If this be so, allow us to face the reality and utilize our span. If guy be this entity, then this is often his automobile -- observe the nature and mode of the association: who restricted him in its body, and what's being performed or validated in the course of his career of it?"

This booklet proves that the human race is extra vital within the nice scheme of items than it has ever claimed to be or concept it was.

" . . . Mentally the difficulty is because of the mistake of your philosophies in taking with no consideration the total framework of earth, existence and being, and assuming the interplay of its components because the finish and goal of lifestyles. here's a colossal sphere woven of an tricky textile of gases and metals, revolving by itself axis, following a precise orbit around a crucial strength station from which it derives strength, illumination and warmth, bearing an unlimited shipment of passengers who're sustained from its components via their very own hard work; all in response to rules so mathematical, so effective that they're classed as immutable legislation -- and within the face of a method so evidently a mechanism designed for a function, your wiseacres claim the complete company an twist of fate! it is absurd."

With the waning of geared up faith guy needs to grab upon whatever to provide an explanation for existence.

This publication is vital to someone who desires to retain his highbrow or religious bearings in an international overwrought via the conflicting theories of Einstein, Eddington, denims, Whitehead and Bertrand Russell.

Mr. Cosgrave says:

"The secret within the heritage of lifestyles isn't that males do as they do; it's the body, situation and truth in their existence. . . . within the fervor of recent undertakings our generations put out of your mind that they're mere pensioners of an historic bounty, and that neither to the machineries in their our bodies, nor to the structure of our environment, do they give a contribution greater than use. The discoveries hailed so enthusiastically are yet disclosures of primordial provisions for the maintenance and operation of our variety; and our innovations yet readaptions of previous tactics to altered positions."

it isn't a sentimental e-book. The argument leans neither on revelation nor theology; however it makes an attempt to demolish the dogmatism of present technological know-how and to chuckle Behaviorism out of courtroom. it truly is advised with readability and humor. it's designed for the layman. To the believing reader it bargains new mild at the difficulties of human life and a commonsense philosophy; to the skeptic it provides a distinct and competitive challenge.

Mr. Cosgrave has been an editor of journal and Sunday courses for a few forty-two years. below his suggestions Everybody's Magazine completed its maximum impact and repute. After fifteen years as a Sunday editor of the New York World he retired at the start of 1927 to begin his research for THE ACADEMY FOR SOULS.

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Download E-books The Andromeda Mission (The Human Chronicles Book 19) PDF

By T.R. Harris

Overseas bestselling technological know-how fiction author T.R. Harris invites you alongside on a determined challenge of galactic the 19th e-book total of his house Opera Epic--
--Book #3 of the Alien video games Trilogy series-within-a-series--

The Human Chronicles Saga: The Andromeda Mission...

Adam Cain is an Alien with an Attitude.
His Adventures a galaxy a ways, some distance away.

Adam has confronted demanding situations before...but not anything just like the invaders from Andromeda.

Adam and his team are confronted with the final word challenge:To store the Milky method Galaxy from the Nuorean invaders. yet this time their backup should be two-and-a-half MILLION light-years away.
They knew  this can be a one-way journey, however the stakes have been too excessive to not attempt. an individual needed to step up and be the hero, and Adam's eclectic mixture of people and extraterrestrial beings were there earlier than. but even in victory, they can lose, trapped in a miles far away galaxy with out method home.
But first issues first.  Adam Cain and the crowd have to chop off the Nuorean's hyperlink to the Milky means ahead of it truly is too overdue. they're dealing with unknown enemies in an unknown galaxy and every little thing they do is through the seat in their pants. One slip-up might suggest disaster, not just for them, yet every person again domestic. And if that wasn't adequate, Adam's facing a few unusual actual and psychological alterations, remnants from the mutant Panur. How those alterations will influence the project is anyone's guess.
And to best it off, the gladiator-like Nuoreans have plans in their own....
Come alongside for this brilliant project of heroism and braveness, as Adam, Riyad, Sherri,Copernicus, Kaylor and Jym band jointly to beat back the best chance the Milky Way--and Earth--has ever faced...and research that a few issues are worthy demise for....
Hold directly to your seats, simply because as soon as the crew lands in Andromeda, there is no time to relaxation. The motion is fierce, breath-taking and continuous, with fighting galactic empires, back-stabbing extraterrestrial beings, and lots of Human-on-Alien actual wrestle to fulfill even the main ardent lovers of The Human Chronicles.
Humans are badasses within the Milky approach. Now they've got a complete new galaxy to make an impression.
This is Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy and Firefly all rolled into one--and then zapped with 121-gigawatts from a flux capacitor! simply what you'll anticipate from an Adam Cain novel!

Pick up your replica today!
Author's Note: In an try to open up The Human Chronicles Saga to new readers, i am within the means of breaking the 19 books within the sequence into smaller series-within-a-series segments. those are in line with Adam Cain's demanding situations or the villains he fights,allowing readers to go into the sequence at 5 distinctive issues (so far), instead of need to pass the entire solution to booklet one. For long term enthusiasts, not anything adjustments. Alien Games, for example, remains to be e-book #17 within the total sequence, yet number one within the series-within-a-series referred to as The Alien video games Trilogy. As a possible reader of The Human Chronicles Saga, i am hoping you will try out one of many smaller mini-series. in case you love it, then you will have much more possibilities to adventure the motion and experience that has made the Human Chronicles one of many bestselling sci-fi sequence on Amazon for the previous 5 years.
And try out the opposite novels by means of T.R.Harris

The Human Chronicles Saga
The Fringe Worlds
Alien Assassin
The battle of Pawns
The strategies of Revenge
The Legend of Earth
Cain's Crusaders
The Apex Predator
A Galaxy to Conquer
The Masters of War
Prelude to War
The Unreachable Stars
When Earth Reigned Supreme
A conflict of Aliens
The Copernicus Deception
Scorched Earth

Alien video games
The Cain Legacy
The Andromeda undertaking
Galactic Vortex (coming June, 2017)

Jason King: Agent to the Stars
The Enclaves of Sylox
Treasure of the Galactic Lights

The Drone Wars Series
Day of the Drone

With writer George Wier
Captains Malicious - e-book 1 of the Liberation Series

All the books can be found on and FREE to contributors of Kindle Unlimited.

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Download E-books Realty Check PDF

By Piers Anthony

Penn and Chandelle, an older couple, lease a home within the urban at a cut price cost and realize that its again door opens onto an unending wooded area. Now they understand why others have been scared off. That’s simply the start of the eccentricities approximately this actual piece of realty. They choose to name in specialists: their grandchildren, Lloyd and Llynn, who pitch in with a will, to attempt to find what and why. however it might be extra of a problem than they could handle.

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Download E-books This Island Earth PDF

By Raymond F. Jones

Ever listen of an interocitor? No? good, don’t be shocked — neither had Cal Meacham, electronics engineer and leader of analysis at Ryberg device. Nor had Cal ever heard of a catherimine tube with an endiom advanced of plus 4. but these, and different both bewildering gear, have been provided on the market within the catalogue from digital carrier Unit sixteen.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a unmarried clue within the catalogue as to how an interocitor functioned, or perhaps what it used to be, but judging from the checklist of components and the accompanying diagrams, it was once an significantly complicated piece of apparatus. Cal learned that no matter if he ordered a suite of interocitor elements, and by some means succeeded in placing one jointly, he might haven't any means of realizing if it have been working correctly or now not.

Was the total catalogue a few enormous shaggy dog story, of which he was once the butt, or had Cal stumbled upon a expertise significantly more desirable to our personal? Cal needed to comprehend — his interest, either as a scientist and as a guy, was once aroused — and hence all started Cal’s apprenticeship with the Peace Engineers. And within the astounding occasions that undefined, Cal Meacham grew to become excited about an experience to stagger the mind's eye.

One of the actually memorable technology fiction reports of this or the other 12 months, THIS ISLAND EARTH is that infrequent technology fiction novel which mixes a feeling of social accountability and exciting motion in the framework of a cosmic fight to keep up a barrier opposed to a major invasion.

Here is a ebook that might entice everybody who has ever stopped on a starry evening to gaze in ask yourself on the vastness of the universe, and to examine where in infinity of this island Earth.

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Download E-books These Savage Futurians PDF

By Philip E. High

Don't imagine new innovations, do not increase whatever, do not wander over the subsequent hill: those have been the commandments for the boys and girls of the experimental village - a type of cautious nurtured settlements validated after the cave in of worldwide civilization.

The ideas have been made via the benevolent Masters of the Island - and so they needed to be obeyed. To disobey used to be to be destroyed. yet Robert Ventnor, villager with a dangerously excessive quotient of interest, was once the exception. He fled - and avoided liquidation.

But he fled correct into the fingers of those SAVAGE FUTURIANS and thereby provided the major which can blast aside civilization's moment likelihood and damage the area as soon as and for all.

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Download E-books Paths of Disharmony (Star Trek: Typhon Pact #4) PDF

By Dayton Ward

On a diplomatic venture to the planet Andor, Captain Picard and the workforce of the Enterprise-E undergo witness to the rank devastation caused by the Borg invasion. With the reproductive concerns that experience lengthy plagued the Andorian humans attaining predicament point, avenues of study that in the first place held nice promise have confirmed mostly unhelpful, and should good certainly be worsening the problem.

Despite the Federation's seeming lack of ability to supply counsel and starting to be doubt over its dedication to a staunch, longtime best friend, Andorian scientists now supply renewed desire for an answer. even though, many segments of Andorian society are protesting this debatable new technique, and extra radical sects are starting to make their displeasure identified in any way to be had. In reaction, President Nanietta Bacco has despatched the Enterprise workforce and a workforce of diplomats and scientists to Andor to convene a summit, within the desire of demonstrating that the Federation's pledge to aiding Andor is sincere. 

But the Typhon Pact is looking at, and their pursuits may actually lead the Andorian humans down a fair extra treacherous course. . . .

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Download E-books Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations: Watching the Clock PDF

By Christopher L. Bennett

There’s most likely not more of a thankless task within the Federation than temporal research. whereas starship explorers get to dwell the human event of touring to different instances and realities, it’s as much as the committed brokers of the Federation division of Temporal Investigations to house the implications to the timestream that the remainder of the Galaxy has to dwell with daily. but if heritage as we all know it can be burnt up at any second by means of time warriors from the longer term, misused relics of historical races, or accident-prone starships, merely the main disciplined, obsessive, and unimaginative govt staff have what it takes to stand the existential uncertainty of all of it each day . . . and nonetheless remain sane adequate to accomplish their assignments.

That’s the place brokers Lucsly and Dulmur come in—stalwart and unflappable, those males are the Federation’s unsung anchors in a chaotic universe. including their colleagues within the DTI—and with the assistance and occasionally drawback of Starfleet’s finest—they do what they could to maintain the timestream, or at the least the forms, as neat and orderly as they're. but if a chain of escalating temporal incursions threatens to open a brand new entrance of the history-spanning Temporal chilly warfare within the twenty-fourth century, brokers Lucsly and Dulmur will want all their investigative ability and unbending choice to prevent those that desire to rewrite the earlier for his or her personal virtue, and to maintain the current and the longer term from devolving into the type of chaos they honestly, really hate.

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